Aphrodisiac Gifts to put The Seduction into Valentine’s Day

When you want to make a lasting impression with a Valentine gift it takes a little imagination to come up with something more exciting than the usual champagne and red roses. This Valentine’s Day why not spice up your romance with a special aphrodisiac themed gift, showing just how much thought you have put into making the occasion special and how desirable you find your partner. From aphrodisiac oils and potions to seduce the senses, to cookery books packed full of aphrodisiac inspired recipes, take inspiration from these unique Valentine’s Day gifts.

You can cook up something special together with one of the potent recipes from The New InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook, available on Amazon. Tasty recipes using sensuous ingredients such as artichokes, herbs and chocolate allow you to share a passion for food in a far more intimate setting than going out for dinner. In a similar vein you can tempt with The Seduction Cookbook: Culinary Creations for Lovers, or Seduction and Spice: 130 Recipes for Romance.

If you prefer to skip actually cooking up love you can go straight for the Aphrodisiac Confection Collection from Theo Chocolate, comprising eight unique confections created from aphrodisiac herbs and spices. Tempt your partner with a taste of hot Ceylon cinnamon chocolate, and ginger and tequila lime chocolate.

Adevi Aphrodisiac Chocolates are another seductive choice for Valentine’s Day, promising aphrodisiac kisses with the sweetness of love. Each Adevi truffle is created from high-quality fair trade chocolate infused with aphrodisiac herbs such as horny goat weed, cayenne, tarragon, and tangerine oil. For a taste of French perfection seduce your Valentine with the French Broad Aphrodisiac Collection of chocolate truffles filled with spicy ginger and tart pomegranate, lemon and pink peppercorn, and strawberries and Prosecco.

A Valentine’s Day tipple is needed to round off an evening of rich aphrodisiac food and lush chocolate truffles. Eden Mill Love Gin has the romantic name to match the romantic occasion, or if your tastes don’t run to spirits you could opt for Love Lager from the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, an American light style beer. A delicious boozy chocolate tipple to share is Major Cioccowhisky Chocolate and Whiskey Liqueur, the perfect choice for relaxing on Valentine’s Day evening.

Sensual massage oils are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, especially if you add the personal touch. Lime Lace creates beautiful glass apothecary bottles with ground glass stoppers and etched phrases. Fill an Aphrodisiac etched apothecary bottle with your own sensual love potion and enjoy the moment. The most romantic oils to celebrate Valentines are an aphrodisiacal blend of jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli and French lavender. Ylang ylang is considered to be a potent aphrodisiac oil and neroli could prompt a marriage proposal as it is often associated with wedding ceremonies.

Each of these aphrodisiac themed Valentine’s Day gifts are thought of with couples in mind, so the romance of the day can be truly shared. They have far more of the personal touch than something less thought of.

Wedding Gifts

As the wedding approaches you may want to look for a gift that is quirky rather than too serious. Matching Mr and Mrs gifts are the sort of things newly married couples appreciate, as they are still ensconced in the novelty of married life.

Newlyweds love the chance to relax together and what can be more comfortable than unwinding in his and her personalized bathrobes. These Mr and Mrs matching bathrobes are made in one hundred percent cotton terry velour and can be personalized, with the initials of the bride and groom picked out in a color thread of your choice. You can be sure your thoughtful gift will get plenty of wear as the happy couple relax on their honeymoon. It is a practical gift to be appreciated in the months ahead before the novelty of declaring their newly married state wears off. (Mr and Mrs Bathrobes from The Wedding Shop at theknot.com)

Mr and Mrs Newlywed beach towels are a great wedding gift to take along to a destination wedding in a beach resort. The Classy Bride stocks one hundred percent Terry cotton beach towels, with a black towel emblazoned with Mr for the groom and a bright fuchsia towel bearing the word Mrs for the bride. This cozy cotton choice reinforces the marital status of the newlyweds as they relax poolside or on the beach. They are the perfect gift for honeymooning couples and for couples that like to enjoy regular vacations. (Mr and Mrs Newlywed Beach Towels at classybride.com)

The Mr and Mrs theme can be continued on personalized pillow cases  which make another great gift wedding gift. You can change things up by opting for a handmade pair of poly cotton pillowcases, showcasing a picture of a spoon and carrying the two motifs of Big Spoon and Little Spoon. Other pillowcase options include His and Hers motifs, Hubby and Wifey, and King and Queen. Couples that appreciate the corny aspects of their romance will love to lay their heads on soft pillows wrapped in delightful pillowcases.  (Big Spoon Little Spoon Pillow Cases at etsy.com)

If you think the idea of adding Mr and Mrs is a touch too twee for the couple you are gifting you may prefer the idea of a gift they can share. Any newly married couple will love to cozy up together beneath an antique white marriage throw. This throw is embroidered with a cute message reading ‘ Marriage, the beautiful blending of two lives’ and can be personalized with an embroidered message celebrating the names of the happy couple and the date of their wedding. What’s not to love about this gift promising long romantic winter evenings in front of the fire? (Antique White Marriage Throw at thingsremembered.com)

Alfred Sung D712

The best gift a bride-to-be can give her ladies-in-waiting would probably be something from the Alfred Sung bridesmaid dresses collection.  In particular, the Alfred Sung D712 strapless bridesmaid dress in Dupioni silk.  It makes an ideal gift for bridesmaids as its contemporary design allows this dress to be worn to many events after the wedding. This chic, midi dress is available on sale at Madame Bridal and is currently reduced in price from $198 to $168.30. It showcases a modified sweetheart neckline and a box pleated A-line skirt encircled with sheer insets. Optional spaghetti straps are available for extra support and this dress can be chosen in a range of thirty colors. It is a great relief for bridesmaids when the dress you choose exudes simple elegance rather than a mass of flounces that will be relegated to the back of the wardrobe, never to be worn again. (Alfred Sung D712 bridesmaid dress at Madamebridal.com)

Of course if you are presenting a gift to the bridesmaids you can’t forget a special something for the groomsmen. If your groomsmen are partial to a nip of spirits they are sure to appreciate the suave elegance of the Flask It In A Casket, comprising a seven ounce steel hip flask encased in a wood casket. Both the flask and the casket can be personalized, but your groomsmen may prefer something personal to them rather than a permanent reminder of your wedding. (Flask In A Casket at groovygroomsmengifts.com)

Finally the youngest member of the bridal party deserves a gift for her important role in the wedding as flower girl. Any little girl would adore the pastel pink leather Donsje swan toto bag  fashioned in the shape of a swan. This gorgeous hand-crafted cross body bag features a long adjustable shoulder strap so the swan can swing along most elegantly at just the right length to suit her. In addition to internal storage the bag offers a small back zip pocket. Your flower girl will be thrilled to receive such a lovely gift to treasure.(Swan Toto Bag at modaoperandi.com)

“Trail Gator” Tandem Bar for Children’s Bikes

(From their website): The Tandem Bar “Trail Gator” the Original is a perfect child’s gift. If you don’t have any idea for your son’s/daughter’s, nephew’s/niece’s, colleague’s son/daughter or neighbour’s son/daughter’s birthday, this could be the right present form him/her. Looking for children’s presents isn’t easy. Nowadays children have almost everything from life and their parents, they’re spoiled and it gets harder and harder to find something really original that can surprise them! This is what a present should do, surprise and stimulate children’s creativity and fantasy! If the birthday boy/girl is adventurous, curious and intrigued to know how to do new thing, you’ll hit it on the nail with this present.

Learn how to go on a bicycle isn’t easy for children, it’s one of the most important starting point of their lives, because they start to be more independent from their parents. It’s a step that mustn’t be undervalued from no one. Every parent want to protect their children from dangers with everything they have. This Tandem Bar “Trail Gator” the Original will help parents feeling more safe, and will certainly help the child to make the breakthrough!

Using this bar you attach with an adapter the child’s bike to the bigger bike, and the parent’s shouldn’t worry because the bar is sturdy and can take a child’s weight up to 32kg. The child’s handlebar is stabilised as soon as the bar is in place and children can both pedal or freewheel! So that’s how this fabulous discovery can change and help at the same time the children’s freedom and his/her parent’s worries.

A wonderful, original gift for children that’ll leave him/her and his/her parents without words, except for thank you! So what are you waiting for? This fantastic opportunity to set a new child free is in your hands, don’t loose this offer!  (www.trail-gator.com)

Unique Gifts for All Occasions

Whether it is for the holiday season, a birthday or any occasion, trying to come up with a truly unique gift can be taxing. You do not want to see the look of disappointment as yet another pair of socks is unwrapped or you discover the carefully chosen ornament you spent hours selecting has been relegated out of sight in the downstairs bathroom. One inspired approach to finding gifts that will be valued is to take a virtual online tour in a quest for quirky items that are practical in spite of their novelty value.

Kuchofuku Air Conditioned Shirt

Japan is well known for its quirky inventions, but this oriental country comes up with some great gift ideas that combine practical with quirky. If your father, husband or son spends their days toiling in an overheated office they are sure to appreciate the Japanese air conditioned work shirt  far more than the proverbial socks or tie. This white poly cotton short sleeved shirt features two battery powered cooling fans for a refreshing breeze against the skin. The man in your life will not get all hot under the collar with one of these shirts to keep him cool. (japantrendshop.com)

Another Japanese invention that will go down a treat with anyone appreciative of practical quirky gifts is an umbrella that lights up. There will be no more fumbling for keys on dark and rainy nights as this unique umbrella features a glow in the dark LED light up handle. It is a great safety item for anyone walking near traffic and it is safe to use in the rain, being powered by batteries. (ZHOL Blue LED Lighted Umbrella at Amazon.com)

Animal lovers love to spoil their pets and you are sure to please cat owners by buying them the purrfect gift for their adored feline friend. Anyone who owns both a laptop and a cat will be aware of the frustrations arising from cat hairs clogging the keyboard. This can be ameliorated by buying the Control + Alt + Scratch laptop scratching mat.  This gift provides the cat with its own keyboard and simulated screen and is sure to please any friends that feel guilty for throwing their cat off their laptop. (uncommongoods.com)

It would be impolite to suggest gifts for cats without mentioning gifts for their canine cousins. Dog owners will love the canine Tagg GPS Pet Tracker  as it allows them to know where their pet has wandered without using invasive tracking chips. This tracker comes complete with an interactive map giving directions to the pet’s location and it emails the pet owner when the dog gets it. It also allows dog owner’s to track their pet’s daily exercise levels if they are a tad obsessive about their four legged friend. There is no additional expense of a new dog collar as this tracker fits neatly onto the existing one. (Tagg The Pet Tracker Master Kit at Amazon.com)

The Mocoro robotic floor dusting ball  is a great gift that won’t break the bank and is ideal for anyone with wooden floors. This roaming ball cleans and mops the house randomly, saving precious times for the gift recipient to spend on more exciting things than cleaning. The Mocoro offers fifteen full minutes of hassle free housework before its batteries need recharging. (Robotic Floor Dusting Ball Mop at odditymall.com)

Some people just never seem to grow up and are far more entertained by the cardboard box and the packaging than the gift within. Teens and adults that are late developers will go crazy for the unique bubble wrap costume outfit that will keep them popping all day long. This inspired two-piece bubble wrap costume pairs a pair of poppable trousers with a poppable hooded long sleeved jacket. This quirky costume is fun for parties or for sad gits sitting alone in their parents’ basement wondering how to kill time. (Bubble Wrap Costume at Pressybox.com)

The final quirky yet practical gift in our selection is a great choice for the person that has everything, including arachnophobia, and is hard to buy for. The award winner trigger operated spider catcher  surrounds the eight legged scary creature without causing harm and without the necessity of touching it. Any spiders caught can be placed safely outside, alleviating the necessity of fearful types giving up the room to them. This is the ultimate in practical gifts for any arachnophobic in your life that suffers a guilty conscience at the thought of killing spiders. (spidercatcher.net)